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Sunny Deol Labels Feud with Shah Rukh Khan as ‘Childish Behavior’ and Declares He’s Moved On, Saying

Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Deol made their Bollywood debut together in the 1993 film Darr. However, the film also marked the beginning of a long-running feud between the two stars. The feud was reportedly due to creative differences between the actors and the director, Yash Chopra. The feud lasted for nearly 16 years, and the two stars did not speak to each other during that time. However, the release of Sunny’s recent blockbuster Gadar 2 brought the two stars together again. They were seen hugging in front of the media, and they have both expressed their desire to work together again in the future.

Sunny Deol recently appeared on the show Aap Ki Adalat, where he spoke about his feud with Shah Rukh Khan. He said that they have moved past it and have now realized that their behavior was childish. “There comes a time when you forget everything that happened and you understand that it shouldn’t have happened. It was childish,” Deol said. “Definitely, after that, Shah Rukh and I have met each other multiple times. We have talked about films. He watched my film with his whole family, and he also called me up.”

Deol also said that he is open to working with Khan again in the future. “If a good script comes along, why not?” he said. It is refreshing to see that Deol and Khan have been able to put their differences aside and move on. It is a reminder that even the biggest stars are capable of making mistakes, and that it is never too late to forgive and forget.

During the filming of “Darr,” Sunny Deol voiced his dissatisfaction with the way his character, the protagonist, was portrayed. He felt that SRK’s character, Rahul Mehra, the antagonist, was being excessively glorified, while his own role as an Indian Navy officer was portrayed as less imposing.

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