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Sunny Deol Does A Good Deed & It’s Totally A “Papa Kehtay Hai Bada Naam Karega” Moment

Sunny Deol & Modi
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Actor-politician Sunny Deol has rescued a 45-year-old woman who was sold as a slave in Kuwait. The woman, Veena Bedi, was reportedly sold to a Pakistani man by a travel agent who had conned her into believing that he would help her land a housekeeping job for a salary of Rs 30,000 per month. Sunny Deol, Bharatiya Janata Party’s MP from Gurdaspur in Punjab, personally intervened after coming to know of the incident. He promptly contacted the ministry of external affairs and, following a swift operation, Bedi was brought back home on July 26. Deol was helped in his effort by two NGOs – one of which is in Kuwait. Deol’s father, veteran actor Dharmendra, took to Twitter to commend the “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha” star. “Naukri samajh ke farz nibhana, Sunny bete (Treat your job as your responsibility, son). God bless you,” Dharmendra wrote on his official Twitter handle, @aapkadharam.

Sunny Deol, who is a sitting MP from Punjab’s Gurdaspur, has helped in the rescue of a 45-year-old woman from Kuwait. As reported, Veena Bedi, 45, who was sold to a Pakistani man after a travel agent lured her to Kuwait on the promise of a housekeeping job of 30,000 per month, returned home on Friday. Veena was not only kept in confinement but was also subjected to assault. Deol was notified of Veena’s situation by the victim’s family during the former’s visit to Kartarpur Corridor. She was brought back following the efforts of actor and Gurdaspur MP, District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) and two NGOs, one based in Kuwait and the other having its office in Canada, reported freepressjournal.in. Deol looked into the matter and sounded off officials of the External Affairs Ministry in New Delhi.

Deol’s father Dharmendra congratulated the former after the woman was successfully rescued and brought back to India. Sharing the image of a local newspaper that featured the story, Dharmendra wrote a congratulatory message for Deol on Twitter. This news was found in newspapers as well:

Sunny Deol Newspaper Article
Sunny Deol Newspaper Article


While addressing the press on the day he officially joined BJP, Deol said, “The way my father (Dharmendra) was attached with Atal Ji, today I have come to join Modi Ji. Whatever I can do for this family (BJP), I will do it.I won’t talk, I will show you through my work.”

Sunny Deol Pic
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Yes Sunny Deol, two big thumbs up from us as well. You’ve not only made your father proud, but your fans are teeming with pride all over the world. You have proved the worth of your “Dhai Kilo Ke Hath” and honestly, we just hope other actors look at your example and are inspired too. Kudos and more power to you!

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