Sunday Self Care – The Secret to Good Health, Reveals Doctor Jarrett

Doctor Jarrett

It’s easy to let responsibilities from your work week spill over into your weekend. You might be tempted to respond to your emails or get some work done on a project. However, Doctor Jarrett advises that you enjoy your weekend and take the time to engage in some self care.

Doctor Jarrett is an Attending Anesthesiologist working in Miami, FL. He develops peri-operative plans and administers anesthesia while also teaching resident doctors in training and medical/nursing students. This is a difficult part of medicine, because the wrong dosage of anesthesia or misdiagnosing an acute issue in the operating room can be very dangerous.

But outside of the operating room, Doctor Jarrett is anything but serious. On his Instagram account, he regularly posts memes and other fun content. There’s one post that jokes about patients putting their gowns on wrong, exposing their front instead of their back, and Jarrett excited his followers by simulating this, appropriately inappropriate of course. Then there’s another where he’s holding two lightsabers.

Doctor Jarrett is able to make these fun posts because after years of grinding nonstop, he now has learned to find a balance in his life between work and play. Scheduled self care is important to a productive lifestyle during the week. During the threat of a hurricane, he epitomized self care, to an extreme. He uploaded a picture of himself in swim trunks holding a pineapple and a glass of red wine. It’s captioned:

“Her: Did you get the 5 gallons of water and food/supplies for the Hurricane?
Me: Yeah, baby, I got the essentials ?”

Drinking wine and waiting out the hurricane might be a little overboard on the self care, but the joke makes it obvious that relaxing and enjoying life should be an enjoyably earned priority, when possible.

Doctor Jarrett also recommends pampering yourself. In addition to being an anesthesiologist, he is certified in providing botox and fillers, and he’s working into incorporating aesthetic work into his practice. Dr. Jarrett tells his patients and his followers that Sunday is a great time to sleep in, have brunch with your family or friends, maybe take the day off from exercise and catch a double movie, go to the spa and detox in the infrared sauna, do a face mask, or whatever makes you feel alive and amazing.

You can have four to six days to do your work and run your errands. But listen to Doctor Jarrett and take a break on Saturday or Sunday or even a day during the week to keep your skin clear, your mood elevated and your mind sane.


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