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Sumona Chakravarti did not have enough work other than ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, said- people have forgotten my presence too

Sumona Chakravarti, who plays Bhuri in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, says that apart from this show, she does not have enough work. She cannot find the kind of work she are craving. She made this statement in a conversation. During this, Sumona also admitted that she is working on her PR skills these days and is seeking work from people.

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People have forgotten my presence too: Sumona said, “I don’t get very close nor attend parties. After shooting either go home or spend time with friends. Many people have forgotten my presence. But now It seems that if you want to continue your career as an actress then it is very important to maintain your presence. “

‘People have misconceptions about me’

If 31-year-old Sumona is to be believed, people have misgivings about her, which she is worried about. She said, “People feel that I am aerogent and ask for more remuneration. But this is not right. I want to say to everyone that as an actress I demand what I deserve. Negotiations for a good project. Let me do it. My PR skills are not of that level. I understood this late. Now I am trying to make a better approach. By meeting people, even them Interruptions can have a demand. “

No shame in asking for work

Sumona says that there is no shame in demanding work. Till now she believed in the belief that prove yourself on the work, everything else is in its place. But the reality is that hard work is not just everything.

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