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Sumit Khetan : Biography, wiki, age, height, Choreographer, Dancer, Model, Actor

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This man called Sumir Khetan defines himself to be a dancer, choreographer, model actor and performer. He specializes in a different form of dance like Ballet, Jazz, Bollywood, Contemporary, Salsa, Jive, Hip Hop, Jive, Waltz and other popular forms. He was born in the year 1988 and has been always keen in dance since his childhood.

He has his own professional dance training institute called Shiamak Davar’s Institute for the Performing Arts popularly known as SDIPA. He has perfected himself in various forms of dance by pursuing his degrees from Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in the United States. He was also associated with Broadway Dance Center and Alvin Dance Theatre.

Following this dance training he got the chance to join another group called Special Potential Batch wherein he performed a number of special events. As Sumit was seen performing and choreographing for a number of events, he was then chosen for some special shows as the talented dances and thus emerged out as the ace performance of his dance group.

He simply created magic with his dance performance over the stage to earn respect for his great creativity. His choreography has simply showcased a huge amount of experience as a dancer and thus seeks to explore a good ground in bringing things out over the influences with his studies in different forms of dance.

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