Suhail shaji’s inspiring journey in motion pictures

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For the last few years, Malayalam film industry has been very welcoming to passionate youngsters who are smitten by the cinema bug. One such person is the 20-year-old Suhail Shaji, who owns an online entertainment news publishing portal named, ‘Mollywood Mad’. Here, Suhail is sharing with us his 7-long year experiences as an online promoter.

Suhail started his career in the entertainment arena as an online promoter in Malayalam film industry at the age of just 12 when he was studying in 6th grade. He developed an online media page on Facebook named ‘Magic Reels Media’ and began by uploading film based contents through the page. His continued persistence helped him bag opportunities to promote few movies. Thanks to his earnest efforts, he soon became noted in the film industry circles.

Suhail was then involved in the promotion of some successful films like ‘Charlie’, ‘Kuttanadan Marpappa’ and ‘Joseph’ to name a few. Along with that, his firm also handles the official Facebook pages of several top celebrities from Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Bollywood industries.

Suhail nursed his dream of becoming a filmmaker from his childhood itself, but without a proper film background it was too hard for him to bag opportunites. It was then he decided to start a company and he saw it as the first of many steps to achieve his dream. Suhail later changed his firm’s name from ‘Magic Reels Media’ to ‘Mollywood Mad’, which later became a big brand.

Along with the promotional activities, he also directed a short film named ‘Ariyathe’, that starred ‘Guppy’ fame Arun Paul in the lead. The film got good response from viewers in YouTube. He is also planning to make another short film titled ‘Love Tickets’ with the company of some passionate film aspirant friends of his.

Meanwhile, Suhail will also been assisting director Vinod Guruvayoor of ‘Shikamani’ and ‘Sakalasala’ for his new film. Currently, Suhail is working on a script for his feature film directorial debut. An official announcement regarding the same will be made soon. Along with pursuing his filmmaking dreams, the youngster also plans to concentrate on the growth of his firm, ‘Mollywood Mad’.

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