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Such is the condition of Mahabharat’s artist, sought help from people


Veteran Punjabi star Satish Kaul, who has acted in several Hindi films and shows including Mahabharat, says he is currently facing financial woes and the nationwide lockdown has made the situation worse for him.

The actor, whose credits include acting in more than 300 Punjabi and Hindi films and played the role of Lord Indra in “Mahabharata”, contrary to rumors, is not living in an old age home.

Call said during a media chat, “I am staying in a small rented accommodation in Ludhiana. I was living in an old age home before, but then I live with my Samaritan Satya Devi at this place. My health is fine, I am doing well. The lockdown has made matters worse. “

“I am struggling for medicines, grocery and basic needs. I appeal to people to help me. I got a lot of love as an actor, now I need to focus on me as a human being.”

The 73-year-old actor also worked in films like “Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha”, “Aunty No. 1” and “Vikram Aur Betal”. Kaul had moved to Punjab from Mumbai and started an acting school around 2011. The actor said that the project was not successful.

Kaul said that he is grateful that when he was at the top, people loved him so much, he has no regrets that he chose this career. “It’s okay if they have forgotten me. I received a lot of love and am grateful. I will forever be indebted to the audience. Right now, I want to be able to buy a decent place of my own.”

The Mahabharat actor said, “The fire of acting is still alive in me. It is not over. I wish someone would give me a role even today, and I would do it. I am ready to act again. “

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