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Subhash Ghai launched The Trailer of Days of Tafree

Director Krishnayadav Yagnik , Priyanka Raina with Cast of Days of TAFREE

Recently,  producers Anand Pandit and Rashmi Sharma launched the trailer of the much awaited youth based film ‘Days of Tafree’ today at a suburban multiplex in Mumbai.The grand event was attended by legendary director and showman of Bollywood Shri Subhash Ghai, who was also the guest of honor for the event. The fresh and young star-cast of the film starring Yash Soni, Ansh Bagri, Sanchay Goswami, Sarabjeet Bindra, Nimisha Mehta, Kinjal Rajpriya,  Anuradha Mukherjee and Mamta Chowdhary were introduced to audiences with a lot of tafree. The trailer looks energetic and  will remind you of every fight, your first crush and the mischiefs that made your college days unforgettable.

On Question asked by Priyanka Raina to producer Rashmi Sharma , ” After having rocking career with serials, now u r entering with Bollywood too with PINK and now Days of Tafree, what are your plans next?”Rashmi Sharma replied, ” Well I have no plans as such, as long as script is good and it demands fresh talents, I love to work with Youth as they bring freshness to industry” The film is set to release on 23rd of September 2016 and is directed by Krishnadev Yagnik.

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