Stunning Bedsheet Trends For A Royal Festive Makeover

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Royal Festive Makeover Bed Sheets
Royal Festive Makeover Bed Sheets

The festive season is here and what makes this year’s festivities special is the fact that the raging pandemic is not causing us to celebrate in lockdowns. After a long wait, we are able to travel across the country, reunite with our families, and spend time with our loved ones. And the home continues to be the centre of our most memorable moments.

After all, little else can replace homemade food, the aroma of tea made by your favourite uncle, and the laddoos prepared so lovingly by your aunts, grandmoms, and neighbours. Then of course, there are the piping hot samosas to be fetched for tea time with guests from the hallway downstairs.

As we get together to celebrate these little joys at home, it only seems natural to give our home a festive makeover. A fresh, royal look for the home, including the living room, as well as bedrooms, especially guest bedrooms, are in fashion after a year of restrained glamour.

Thankfully, giving your home a royal festive makeover doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You can simply opt to invest in a few signature décor pieces, opt for silken cushion covers, and invest in royal, premium cotton bedsheets to create a sense of warmth and royalty for festive celebrations.

In fact, if you can take inspiration from these 2021 bedsheet trends to give your home a grand makeover.

Select Jewel Tone Shades

It doesn’t matter if the rest of your home is pristine white or bathed in pastel hues. You can simply opt for bed sheets in jewel tones such as magenta, emerald green, royal blue, deep purples, turquoise blue, and more to create a fresh look. These shades are not only in vogue, but borrow from royal Indian colours and immediately lend a sense of grandeur to your home.

Since these shades are extremely prevalent in medieval Indian architecture, you don’t have to worry about ‘matching it’. This is because the Indian colour palette has traditionally relied on contrast and colour blocking. So you can opt for a blue bedsheet even if you have green curtains, or consider a vibrant red bedsheet if you have burnt orange cushions. There is no such thing as too much when you opt for festive season special bedsheets in jewel-tone shades.

Jewel Tone Shades Bedsheet
Jewel Tone Shades Bedsheet

Ethnic Motifs

When it comes to Indian homes, ethnic motifs such as lotuses, paisleys, and mandalas have come a highly preferred trend for bedsheets. This is because of multiple reasons. First of all, these motifs carry immense history with them and instantly make us feel rooted in these uncertain times. Secondly, they are striking to look at, and offer visual splendour in minimalistic urban settings. Lastly, they immediately light up an area and give it a festive feel. If you are unsure about opting for these bedsheet motifs, you can consider designer collections, specially launched for the festive season, by brands such as SPACES. These promise to offer a good blend of ethnic motifs along with a contemporary look for bedsheets that are sure to impress guests.

Intricate Patterns

The past few months have been highly challenging for everyone’s mental health. This has resulted in a preference for home décor and bedsheets that offer a sense of calm and comfort. An obvious and much welcome trend is bedsheets with intricate and delicate patterns, irrespective of the motifs. Having said that, such bedsheet patterns look especially grand when they represent ethnic motifs and jewel tones, recreating palatial grandeur in urban homes; think dozens of paisleys in bunches, or detailed florals running in cohesion through an entire bedsheet.

Of course, this bedsheet trend calls for the right balance. You don’t want the patterns to be intricate to the level of being distracting when you are trying to fall asleep. Hence, it makes sense to opt for designer bedsheet collections such as Rangana Collection, which offer colourful and striking bedsheets that radiate festivity, warmth, and comfort in the right measures.

Intricate Patterns Bedsheet
Intricate Patterns Bedsheet

Most importantly, when you opt for a well-known bedsheet brand to give your home a festive feel, you can be assured of premium quality, superior cotton, high durability, and minimal laundry concerns for a long time after your purchase. Hence, while investing in these bedsheet trends, make sure you opt for a brand that offers value for money and a premium bedsheet and sleep experience instead of the cheapest option available online.

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