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Study claims Two Minutes of Walking Each Hour Drastically Improves Health

Believe it or not but walking has been the best health exercise. As per a recent study carried out by a group of researchers at University of Utah School of Medicine claimed that every hour walking for 2 minutes around the office can help you lead a healthy and cool life rather than sitting for long hours. Of late, the idea of working for longer hours sitting on the chair has simply contributed adverse health impacts, which has been reported too often by a number of researchers.

However, to address this problem, a group of Researchers in the University of Utah School of Medicine claimed that by merely standing up for few minutes every hour and walking for the same amount of time across your office can really help you a lot. As per the research, 33 percent of your lifespan can be increased by walking for two minutes around your office after every one hour. In fact, the researchers have carried out the experiments asking people to do so and were really fascinated by the positive results.

The researchers though vouched for regular exercise, however, if you fail to do so, at least by doing this activity for a while every one hour across your office can make a great difference. Making smaller changes in our day to day life can really help in making our health better and fit. The research was published in one of the leading journals of healthcare in the United States.

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