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Strange To Believe : Sakshi Tanwar Got Married Secretly

sakshi tanwar married

Is Bollywood town trending with ‘Hidden Marriage’s’, the word may sounds something really annoying, but on the other hand if you’ll go through the recent ties then believe me the word surely explores the same. Or it can also be said that the Bollywood is on the verge to become a coconut with the lovely quote ‘The More You Get Deeper Into The Reality, The More Stranger And Shocking Results You Get’ though it seems to be a line for the readers but it still hides some bitter truth of our life. The reason behind insisting in such quotes is with reference to the title that has grabbed you here.

Yes, what you read on the title is a fact. The small screen actress, a lady with a cute dimple on her face, a lady who have smashed the response of her own, the bahu none other than ‘Sakshi Tanwar’ often known with so many beautiful names like Parvati, Priya n all is finally got engaged but secretly. The details of her marriage are yet to be revealed, till then stay tuned with

Manoj L


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