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Strange comments of Rakhi Sawant on AIB Roast

Rakhi Sawant on AIB Roast

Ever since the videos of AIB Roast went on public, everyone has come forward to comment and give their reaction on the same. It has invited eyeballs from a number of B Town actors, while others came in support of the trio Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor and Karan Johar calling it as a freedom of speech. Amidst all noises we hear, how can Rakhi Sawant remain away from giving her comment on this controversy. However, if you check her comment, it will literally going to blow you head off. The drama queen who is known for raising strange kind of controversies over the media said something weird.

She said that the AIB has simply cheated the audience since the abusing language and expletives, which the trio were seen saying in the AIB Knockout were not at all uttered by them. She said she is a good friend of these gentlemen and they cannot utter such words in public. Someone has dubbed their voices and made the video. This made the AIB co-founder Tanmay Bhatt tweeting on Rakhi’s reaction wherein he called her statement to be his favourite reaction over the roast. Catch the video and check what she has said, which will certainly make you laugh a loud.

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