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SRK Writes Foreword for his Book SRK 25 Years Of A Life

srk tweeting about Devdas film

Shah Rukh Khan is back in news for having a book being released in the media called SRK 25 Years of Life. The actor is loved by one and all and hence his journey in B Town deserves to be told to one and all. Hence when Samar Khan thought of this idea to write down a book on SRK’s life, he found it a simple and important task.

However, he had to slog a lot to meet lot many people whom SRK has worked along with researching for not less than four years to accomplish this simple appearing daunting task. So, when Samar Khan finished his book, it was obvious to see the preface of SRK 25 Years Of A Life to be written by the man whose life and journey in B Town is described to the world.

Well, the book is brought forth in the perspective of a director wherein his journey to stardom is vividly narrated. The foreword for the book has been jotted down by SRK himself. When asked about the idea of writing a book, Samar Khan said the idea struck him when he was making a documentary on King Khan called SRK, Living With a Superstar.

The director gave the book to Shah Rukh Khan when it was ready and even requested to pen down the foreword for the same. As per Samar Khan, he simply loved the portraits and the interviews about him and did not ask him to change anything in it. He then said, he is SRK and he doesn’t interfere in things.

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