Monday, November 29, 2021
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When SRK wife Gauri Offered 5k to a photographer to delete her pictures


Paparazzi plays a vital role in the career of B Town celebs and their journey in the industry besides helping them like a tool to boost up their stardom. However, at times it can make the celebs go annoyed or upset when they are caught candid by any camera. Well, the same happened to Gauri Khan the star wife of Bollywood Badshaah – Shah Rukh Khan.

As per reports, Gauri Khan had asked a photographer to delete a picture caught in her candid moment and that’s not all, she even offered him 5000 INR for the same. So, what’s gone so wrong when the star wife had to offer such a handsome amount to the photographer, let’s check it why?

As per reports, Gauri Khan had recently visited her new showroom in the town when the photographer clicked her pictures. Once she learnt about the same, Gauri got offended and sent her bodyguard to get the pictures deleted from the photographer. But when he denied doing so, she ended up giving him an offer.

Though the photographer called the pictures to be simple and the usual one and hence even rejected the money from the lady. Well, we can still be wondering as to why she was demanding to do so. Well, this is all about the paparazzi thing, we barely can understand what the B Town celebs feel about it

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