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SRK Wants To Be A Part Of Dhoom Franchise

SRK in dhoom 4

Stobborn’ ­- Can you tell me when you read the word ‘Stubborn’ what’s the very next thing comes to your mind? Yes, exactly. It’s ‘Showing dogged determination not to change’ but are you thinking what exactly I mean with this? So, check this out.. The word ‘Stobborn’ seems to be reflecting exactly with the mood of one n only king of Bollywood ‘Shah Rukh Khan but for what? Yes, you are right for the much much awaited movie Dhoom 4 which will be touching the theatres soon.

However, what exactly the connection between Shah Rukh Khan and the sensational movie ‘Dhoom4’? Don’t know? I guess, we can clear this confusion. Soon after the release of stunning movie ‘Dhoom3’, the controversies got triggered and since then eventually we start getting some un beatable news and trends in Bollywood and social media for the casting stars for ‘Dhoom4’ but, the controversies took a U – turn when the name of King khan also started getting reflected with the same. While these things were on fire, and soon we actually get to know that ‘Shah Rukh’ was also showing his willingness to work in the movie. But, hold on for while guys there’s still some spicy stuffs behind the scenes, as per the sources we also get to know that those willingness turned into stubbornness, and despite the movie scripts and scenes are yet to be revealed but, the news is really catching up huge fire in the B town. Let’s see will the King can really make it this time or not. Till then stay tuned with

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