Monday, November 29, 2021
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SRK Undergoes 3D Face Scanning In Los Angeles

shahrukh khan in LA

Shah Rukh Khan has been known for a number of things and often remain the talk of the town, sometimes for coming up with his eight-pack abs and sometime for his movies.  After his movie Happy New Year making a big buzz in the media and turning out to be the top grosser of the year,  SRK is now preparing for his next venture. Considering his hectic and busy life, he has very less amount of time for leisure. Currently, Shah Rukh Khan is in LA (USA), wait not for any family holiday but for a celebrity performance.

While he is there in the United States of America for celebrity performance, he is smart enough to know how to make most of the things in one trip. The actor not only was there at the said show but also found time to go for his 3D face scanning procedure for his next movie venture. He was seen taking two days leave after the show paying a visit to LA bases healthcare institute wherein he had his special face scanning with digital effects for his next upcoming movie. The face scanning task was scheduled later, however, he managed to club with the said event in the wake of his upcoming movie called Fan.

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