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SRK Son’s MMS – A Truth or A Way to Drag Attention ?

SRK Son mms

Don’t you feel the title seems to be a controversial don’t you? Coming on to the topic I guess we all are quite familiar with the ongoing spicy cum trending topic which is un knowingly catching up a blast in the entire Bollywood industry, but guys and girls just try to think it in a different way, a nation’s renowned cum stunning star the King khan i.e. Shahrukh Khan’s movie is just nearby to be on the floor soon in the big screens and suddenly Boom!!!. His elder son none other than Aryan Khan who was actually no one in the entire picture but accidentally or UN-intentionally dragged in the controversies and the fact is, the news is getting popular n popular day by day, just because an MMS was leaked in whatsapp along with a young girl who was almost nude along with Aryan, woooo wooo,, are we getting somewhat in the favor of Aryan? Do you really feel that? Uhhh, if so then just quickly erase the myth from your mind as its time to make you aware of what is exactly cooking behind the controversy.

Despite by the fact that SRK’s movie is on the verge of getting fabulous hits, share and likes and we knew each of the Bollywood celeb in the entire world are actually caught or dragged in the controversies whether intentionally or UN-intentionally that we really know, but hold on if we talk about SRK, his looming movie and the latest ongoing hot topic i.e. Aryan’s MMS leaked video do these have any kind of similarity with them? Yes, just think about it.. Not getting what we are trying to say? So, check out these,,

Though, the MMS is rolling over the media, social platforms and many more news portals but on the other hand keeping mum on this blasting controversies lets each one of us to think like a spy isn’t?. Nonetheless, if we talk about the MMS then you might have heard off, that the boys who’s along with the girl looks exactly similar to Aryan Khan but, still the reports doesn’t confirmed isn’t? But, do these celebs think that we all are kids that we can’t understand what’s going on? Just think about it, considering the boy is not Aryan for a time being but can it be possible that the girl is also not the granddaughter of the world famous Big B i.e. Amitabh Bachchan? Either both of them are exactly what we are try to pretend or they assume us that we are just new born kids who couldn’t understand what is the difference between an apple and cake. However, for SRK these controversies might be a way to drag more attention for his upcoming movie ‘Happy New Year’ as well. However, these are just predictions but in the end what makes us more eager to know is when the entire scenario would be revealed!! Till then stay tuned for such spicy cum hot news with

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