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What SRK has to say about Karan Johar’s book An Unsuitable Boy?

srk on karan johar book

The B Town superstar Shah Rukh Khan is making headlines for his statements made on the book of Karan Johar called An Unsuitable Boy. In fact, he was present at the launch of filmmaker autobiography “An Unsuitable Boy” and said that Karan is an intelligent and sensitive man with a gifted quality to understand human emotions. He further said that he thinks the name of the book should have been a good boy instead of the current one because he feels that Karan is an extremely intelligent boy and a gifted human being.”

He further said that when he is saying intelligent, he simply means that the ability to understand human emotions, people and their situation. He then said that this man is a gift he has from God. He is an extremely gifted sensitive person. And he should call K Jo to brave boy, he is the special human being I have come across.

The book launch was a star-studded evening where many Bollywood stars, including Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri Khan, Manish Malhotra, Alia Bhatt, Suchitra Pillai and Sweta Bachchan. Also present was the celebrated author Shobhaa De and co-author of the book journalist Poonam Saxena, among others, were present. The book launch program soon followed by an interactive session with the veteran author Shobhaa De, which helped the people to get a better insight of the book.

As the book talked much about Karan’s paternal instinct, when he asked about it, the filmmaker said, “I think I have a nurturing quality and it came out stronger when I launched Alia, Varun and Sid. I cannot let them go of even now, after five years… I am very protective.” He also added: “It goes to all the directors of my Dharma team as well. I think that comes from a strong paternal love that I have for them. I don’t know how to go about it but I have so much paternal love to offer.” The book has a chapter about his friendship with best friend Kajol gone sour, which grabbed many headlines even before the book released. Besides, it also talks about various phases of Karan Johar’s life including his first meeting with Shah Rukh Khan to his passion for Hindi films and his unrequited love of life; all has been encapsulated in 216 pages.

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