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What is SRK doing on Padmavati film sets?


As we check the latest buzz at B Town, Padmavati has completed its first schedule this 14th November while Deepika Padukone has kicked off her schedule for playing the dance sequence. The leggy lass is playing with her director Sanjay Leela Bhansali while shooting at Mehboob studio and to her surprise she had a smart guest in the evening.

Well you can guess the man, yes the King of Bollywood none other than Shah Rukh Khan. The fact is there were rumors under the way about this man as he was approached by Bhansali to play the character of Raja Raval Ratan Singh which later had been allotted to Shahid Kapoor.

Then why was SRK and Alia Bhatt have visited Mehboob Studio, well is promotion of their film was their agenda? Well, the reason was something different, they simply dropped in considering the fact that the leggy lass was shooting close to their places and hence decided to meet the actress.  As per the sources, Bhansali was really happy to see the two visiting the sets.

The two have been known to each other since long and were seen chatting for long. SRK then talked to Deepika. However, not many would know the fact that Bhansali has sealed his movie sets without allowing anyone inside the studio simply to avoid any kind of leakage of Padmavati to the media. But SRK and Alia Bhatt visiting the place was simply a surprise to the maker of the film.

The film is scheduled to release next year and he was wished by the duo stars of Dear Zindagi and wished Bhansali good luck for his upcoming movie. In the recent times, there were rumors that Bhansali and SRK are having differences that has led the two apart. But with this meeting, the rumors set aside for many.

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