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SRK fans sign a petition demanding his full Astraverse film as ‘Brahmastra spin-off’ 

SRK fans are so in love with his cameo in Alia-Ranbir starrer Brahmastra and it is evident now. They want him to see in a full-fledged lead role for his character in the movie and are putting all their efforts to make it happen. No doubt, the actor has left his fans excited with her small but interesting screen time in the movie. This is the reason his fans want to explore his character and demand for Brahmasta spin-off. 

Girish Johar, a trade analyst has shared a petition in one of his tweets where you can see that fans have requested a Brahmastra spin-off on change.org. Girish, in his tweet, wrote,” UNBELIEVABLE! SRK fans started a petition for an Astraverse film with him.”

He further added, “Being his fan too, I have also signed…My request to all the fans of Shah Ruh Khan is to sign it too. The petition’s subject is Shah Ruh Khan Starrer Brahmastra Spin-Off.” The petition request reads: I request director Ayan Mukherji and Dharma Productions to plan a Brahmastra spin-off on Mohan Bhargawaper, the character of SRK in the movie.”

SRK spin-off petition received huge support from fans

This petition for Shah Rukh starrer Brahmastra began two days ago. It has crossed the 1500 mark and almost 1751 people have come up in support. It will probably reach 2500 soon to get serious attention. 

On this demand, one User wrote on Twitter, “Why Not? When he appears on screen, the entire hall is lit up, so his backstory requires a separate movie.” Another fan tweeted, “ This is just for SRK.”

SRK spin-off petition received huge support from fans
SRK spin-off petition received huge support from fans

He played a scientist and a monkey weapon (Vanar Astra) in the movie

In the movie, we saw him essaying the role of a scientist from Delhi, Mohan Bhargava blessed with the power of a monkey weapon. SRK fans couldn’t help and be largely attracted by his charm seeing him in the movie. Let’s see if their demand for the spin-off featuring their beloved actor will be processed or not. You will know it shortly. If it happens, it will be a big Dhamaka for all the Shah Rukh Khan fans. 

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