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SRK at an American Talk Show – The Letterman Show

SRK in letterman show

SRK in letterman show

Shah Rukh Khan is among the most desired actors in B Town. He therefore remains the most wanted man everywhere. Considering his popularity of the actor, he was called at the popular chat show called The Letterman Show. The actor was thrilled to be there and felt honored to be called upon as a guest in the show. The talk show remains the most popular talk show personalities. SRK in the show said that he has remained the fan of the show and liked the way the David Letterman the host of the show interview.

As Shah Rukh Khan reached at the show, he was introduced by the host saying that the guest today at the talk show needs no introduction. SRK also went on Twitter where he was seen sharing a photo of himself with Letterman and he then thanked the host for calling him at the chat show. He said No more footprints before we see Batman and Superman you have Mr. Letterman. He captioned the image stating that you are an inspiration, sir.

The TV Show will be presented as a stand-alone special over digital platform Netflix, which clubs the two interests for which the Letterman is popular for an in-depth talk with some popular people. The show deals with interviewing guests and having detailed discussion about their life allowing them to express things to break the curiosity along with adding the humor. After the host interviewed the actor, he said that he was glad to interview and loved to meet a person linked with Netflix. He also said that he had many things to learn from SRK.