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Spicy Pitch – The next big cricket chat show anchored by Manish Batavia!

Manish Batavia

Manish Batavia is all set to present a brand new cricket show on Cricbuzz called ‘Spicy Pitch’ featuring some top Indian cricketers in a never-before-seen avatar. It is the most comprehensive and wholesome cricket interview show with the biggest names in Indian Cricket. And that is something the trailer itself promises.

Manish Batavia is a fun anchor with over half a decade of anchoring experience in Entertainment and Sports television, who in his most irreverent avatar will definitely be a great coup along with the cricketers. ‘Spicy Pitch’ promises to take us on a fun-filled, emotional ride with some amazing free-wheeling conversations with not just the cricketers but also their best friends and family – those that built the star!

We spoke to Manish and he says that “Spicy Pitch’ which is the biggest cricket show of my career yet is a magic box of ‘straight-from-the heart’ conversations with not just the cricket stars but also those who created these stars! Cricketers who’re usually guarded in interviews opened up and spoke their hearts out on their stories, their struggles, their highs and lows, their magic moments, and the support system in their lives that made it all happen. It’s a 360 view of the son, the daughter, the friend, the husband, the sibling – the human being behind the cricket star! And I’ve had an absolute blast getting to listen to them and their families tell us stories that they’ve never shared with anyone. A lot of unexpected outrageously funny moments happened as well where players’ families and friends spilt more than the players thought they would! While it’s called ‘Spicy Pitch’, it’s got a dream mix of the various flavours of our cricketers’ lives. It’s by far the most definitive interview series in a long long time! It’s warm, it’s emotional, it’s goofy, it’s fun!”

The show has 20 episodes which’ll release over the next 20 weeks! It’s a goldmine of conversation and a whole lot of spilt beans. We truly can’t wait for ‘Spicy Pitch’ to break the Internet. All our love to Manish who is bringing these exclusive conversations to all of us starting 15th February on Cricbuzz”



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