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Soyfood can help in reducing breast cancer risks

Combating breast cancer can be a big menace, however, as per studies there are ways to it. The advent of new lifestyle among young women has been the cause of breast cancer among women. However, to beat out this issue, the recent study presented at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2015 vouched for the soyfood as an important food element, which reduces the risk of having breast cancer.

The study suggested that women who have the history of consuming soy based suppleents have less chances of getting this menace. As per one of the research study carried out by Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, people consuming the soyfoods can actually strengthen the immune response against breast tumors. The research was led by Prof Leena Hilakivi Clark (Phd).

As per the findings, soy can easily stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells and thus disrupt anti estrogen treatment, which has been based over the studies in mice, which didn’t carry immune cells called Cytotoxic T cells for attacking breast cancer cells.

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