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Sour sweet college reunion and the LastBenchers

Sour sweet college reunion and the LastBenchers

Come reunions and there is a gush of emotions. Surprises. And mixed feelings of joy and jealousy. Complexes and memories- both good and bad. Chapters of bygone friendships are opened before you. No less you remember the competitions for the titles in academics and elsewhere.

Farhan and Raju searching and finding  Rancho in 3 Idiots. Wasn’t that perhaps the most heart touching college reunions for Bollywood? The unexpected gathering of friends and foes in Student of The Year  reminds us of  many familiar faces.  That’s a College Reunion- old faces with a tinge of novelty.

What happens when you start comparing? Well, those comparisons were always there and were so inevitable. But somewhere the target seems dwindling. The dilemma begins the moment your realize you are living a life you wished for someone else. But not yourself.  The clash of a life of values and that of monetary success. More than often you find these two paths are different. Who lives a life of values and who enjoys commercial success? Sometimes it is not the front runners in academics who do well in life. But some mediocre who later show their colors in unconventional vocations.

Some lessons you learn inside the four walls of classrooms, indeed does take you far. No matter you are the front benchers or the last benchers.

Last Benchers shares the story of many Indian youngsters who make it big in life not an easy way but by tackling challenges and winning life the hard way. Prajakt Rebeloma written and directed Last Benchers has young fresh faces from an Indian city relating their stories that can be yours too. The director previously directed “Best Language” and caught attention with his impeccable talent. Last Benchers is a product of dedicated hard work of a host young talents coming together to bring on screen a tale close to their heart.


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