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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas brief break up before marriage


The global TV series Game of Thrones came to a final close with a bang along with Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark in it bid final good goodbye to her character. However, sources have revealed that it wasn’t the only thing that Sophie bid farewell to.

As per Sophie, she had almost broken up with her now husband, Joe Jonas just before wowed ‘I do’s as reported by Fox News.

Turner was only just 13 years old when she starting working in Game of Thrones. Turner mentioned that growing old with the public eye on her always made her feel very insecure about her appearance. Now, as a mature, married woman at 23, Turner has a different thought as shared by her to The Sunday Times where she said, “Being in the age of social media when that’s happening, I think I would be a much saner person if I hadn’t been documented from 13 — your most awkward, uncomfortable, unsure-of-yourself years. That’s something I really wish hadn’t happened.”

Sophie Turner further continued, “Suddenly, everyone’s metabolism slows down at 17, 18 and then that’s documented — my skin and everything. People commenting on it. I was too aware of my body at a young age. And it just kind of took over my mind, it was all I would think about. Calorie counting, everything: ‘Oh, I’ll just eat nuts today.”

It was mainly due to her feeling bad about her own appearance that started driving Jonas away. Confessing about how Jonas was of real help to her, she said, “He was like, ‘I can’t be with you until you love yourself, I can’t see you love me more than you love yourself.’ That was something, him doing that. I think he kind of saved my life, in a way.”

She also mentioned that they had broken up for 24 hours. “It was the worst day of our lives. For a second we both had cold feet, then 24 hours later we were both, like, ‘Nevermind,'” mentioned Turner. However, the couple tied the knot earlier this month in Las Vegas, right after the Billboard Music Awards.

Honoring her character as inspired from Game of Thrones, Turner posted quite a heartfelt message on her Instagram handle saying, “Sansa, Thank you for teaching me resilience, bravery and what true strength really is. Thank you for teaching me to be kind and patient and to lead with love. I grew up with you. I fell in love with you at 13 and now 10 years on, at 23 I leave you behind. But I will never leave behind what you’ve taught me.”

The actress will next be in Dark Phoenix that is releasing on June 5.

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