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Sooraj Pancholi To Collaborate With A US Based NGO

Sooraj Pancholi

The Hero actor Sooraj Pancholi happens to be an avid animal lover, has always wanted to better understand the process of food production for animals and the safety of the ingredients used in pet food. The Gen-X star will now also be collaborating with an NGO in the USA and in India, to work towards providing better food facilities for strays and creating awareness about food production for animals.

Sooraj will visit the USA, where the NGO officials will take him through their policies and even arrange a workshop and visit to a factory that produces animal food. The actor will then return to India and start a few activities related to animal welfare in association with an Indian NGO.

As per sources, “Sooraj is in talks with an NGO in the USA, who is involved in providing better food facilities and food production for animals. Sooraj will be travelling to US for 3 days and participate in a workshop, and then visit the factory, where they produce and manufacture pet food to better understand the quality of ingredients used. Based on the information he accumulates ,he then returns to Mumbai to start a few activities related to it. He will be collaborating with an NGO in India for this.”

When contacted confirmed Sooraj, “I personally feel that we need to address this (animal welfare) issue. I wanted to do some groundwork on this for a long time. Now, I am glad that I have the opportunity of visiting the factory and working on this personally.”

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