Friday, January 28, 2022
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Soon you can predict the future breast cancer risk via simple blood test

Good news there for women, who can very well know the risk of having breast cancer with just a simple blood test. As per the researchers of WHO, breast cancer is more in the developed nation than in a less developed countries. Scientists have been struggling to find out the best prevention method, which can cover the early treatment option.

As per Professor Rasmus Bro of University of Copenhagen, a simple blood test could soon help in predicting breast cancer among women who have the risks for the same. He has tested this option, which is sent for the validation for further use. This method is being developed in association with the prestigious Danish Cancer Society. The method is based on food science wherein complex industrial procedures are tested.

This method involves analyzing good amount of biological data in the explorative and holistic manner. The professor further said that it was the efforts of many people, which helped them to develop this method. The current options like mammography  is only competent to detect breast cancer up to 75 percent, which will be exceeded this new option in the coming few months.

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