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Sony TV’s Peshwa Bajirao Changes The Character of Syed Aman Mian Sharma From Nasir To Ballu




This is again about Sony TV’s upcoming historical, Peshwa Bajirao.The much-anticipated show is being produced by Sphere Origins and Media T Invictus.
This news is about a that New Comer actor whom we talked about (Syed Aman Mian Sharma) who made his way into the show!!
And the role that he bagged was of Nasir, but unknowingly, Aman’s Character got changed to Ballu Phadke.  It Seems Like Siddharth Nigam’s Entry in the show will bring more viewers to the Sitcom!
We didn’t reached out to the channel spokesperson, because we never received any revert ever.
As our loyal readers would know, we have been constantly reporting about the illustrious cast on board Bajirao Mastani. Actors Anuja Sathe, Raza Murad, Manish Wadhwa, Mrunal Kulkarni, Sanjay Batra, Rudra Soni, Nawab Shah will play integral roles in the magnum opus.

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