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Sonu Sood is maintaining his abs since twenty years!

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Actor Sonu Sood who is currently seen in Arun Sheshkumar and Pankita Sadrani’s Comedy Superstar on SAB TV is someone who is maintaining his fit body for last two decades. In every film of him we can see a fit and lean Sonu in the frame.When asked Sonu says, “I have been maintaining my abs since twenty years. I had abs even in my college days also. For me, it was never for a film or a project to get into a shape and later on you forget it no I have never done that. Fitness is something that is part of my life, it’s in my system now. I workout for at least two and half or three hours a day.

I don’t have cheat days with my diet. I follow a strict diet and worship my body so I have to take care of that.”Sonu who is a part of successful films like Dabanng, Entertainment, Happy New Year is an optimistic guy. As he adds,”I am a very focused guy and I will be still someone who will be waiting for something great to happen in life. I will be working hard to fulfill my dreams and will make my parents proud. Amd also i will be still hunting for new dreams and trying to explore myself.

“Talking about the philosophy of his life he says, “When things get tough, just keep on working hard, give your best and never set for smaller things. Patience and perseverance is the only key to success. Stay patient and stay focused.”Sonu is being appreciated as a judge for the show and the show is most talked about for clean comedy. Producer duo Arun Sheshkumar and Pankita Sardani the producer duo are young and dynamic with fresh ideas and the show has already created lot of buzz.

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