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Sonam Kapoor deletes “Turban Can Be A Choice, But Hijab Can’t?” photo after getting trolled

Since the Hijab issue in Karnataka emerged, Bollywood’s who’s who has spoken out about it. Sonam Kapoor has become the latest celebrity to take a stand on the Hijab debate, following in the footsteps of Richa Chadha, Javed Akhtar, and Hema Malini. For the uninitiated, the demonstrations began when female students from the Government Girls PU College in Udupi were denied admission to the campus because they wore Hijab with their uniforms.

The Neerja actress took to her Instagram stories to publish a composite shot (which has since been deleted) of a guy wearing a turban and a woman wearing a hijab, asking, “Turban may be a choice, but Hijab can’t?” The actress had no idea what would happen once she shared the photo. The actress received a lot of hate for comparing the two soon after it went viral, to the point that she had to erase the post.

Manjinder Singh Sirsa shared Sonam Kapoor’s Insta story and slammed the actress for the ‘unjustified’ comparison. The Tweet read, “ Dastar or “Dast-e-Yar” means“the hand of God”. It is not a choice but a blessing of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji & an integral part of Sikhs’ identity. Comparing Dastar & Hijab are unjustified & unwanted in this context @sonamkapoor.”

 Re-sharing Sirsa’s Tweet, a user wrote, “#SonamKapoor doesn’t need an explanation. She just does pay tweets for issues she has no idea about. Don’t bother teaching her. The burqa was, is and will always be a security concern because it is hard for the person to be identified and the women are unwilling to unveil too.”

Hitting the actress, a user noted, “’If turban can be a choice, then why not hijab’-CLONE Sonam Kapoor! You synthetic clone don’t know that turban is ‘article of faith’ of Sikhs and granted by Constitution of India. Hijab is Geo-cultural attire!!”


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A post shared by Shabana Azmi (@azmishabana18)

 Lately, Shabana Azmi attacked Kangana Ranaut for her perspective on Hijab Row. Sharing Kangana’s Insta story, she noted, “Correct me if Im wrong but Afghanistan is a theocratic state and when I last checked India was a secular democratic republic ?!!!”

Kangana asked in her Insta story, “If you want to show courage show it by not wearing burqa in Afghanistan… Learn to break free the cage not yourself.”

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