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Sonali Kulkarni garners an overwhelming support from netizens after she apologised for her ‘women are lazy’ remark

The Dil Chahta Hai fame actress Sonali Kulkarni recently found herself in tough times after making a controversial remark about women during a television interview. In the interview, Kulkarni reportedly said that women are “lazy” and “don’t like to work.” Her comments quickly drew criticism from women’s groups and activists, who accused her of perpetuating harmful stereotypes about women.

After facing backlash for her comments, Kulkarni took to social media to issue an apology. In a post on Twitter, she acknowledged that her comments had been insensitive and hurtful, and expressed regret for any harm that she had caused.

“I am deeply sorry for the comments that I made during a recent interview,” Kulkarni wrote. “I realize that my words were insensitive and hurtful, and I want to apologize to anyone who was offended. I know that women are strong and hardworking, and I never meant to suggest otherwise.”

Despite the controversy, Kulkarni has received a massive outpouring of support from fans and well-wishers on social media. Many have praised her for acknowledging her mistake and taking responsibility for her words, while others have defended her right to express her opinions and ideas, even if they are unpopular. Check some of the responses below: 

The controversy surrounding Kulkarni’s comments highlights the importance of open and honest dialogue, as well as the need for compassion and understanding in our interactions with one another. While her comments may have been hurtful and insensitive, her willingness to apologize and take responsibility for her words is a positive example for all of us.

Ziya Khan


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