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Sona Mohapatra: Snatched Under Controversy for Rangabati Song


Bollywood seems to be on the verge of sensitivity for anything, and it feels like the celebs and star have to be very careful even if they sneeze in front of the people irrespective of whether they are audience, fans or the followers. I know you’ll might thinking something really different but believe me guys once you’ll go through the blog, it will hardly take any second to click your mind that indeed the statement which I have depicted is actually a bitter truth. And this time it’s all about the sizzling track Rangabati, I know some of you might be think how come a track can be so controversial isn’t? Check this out..

Rangabati – A sizzling track with a tremendous response from the Bollywood soon after it was in the air but has taken a new turn towards the controversial surrounding, when the youth wing of BJP Aswini Majhi who’s currently a district vice president of Bhartiya Janata Yuba Morcha lodged a complaint against the renowned cum soulful voice singers like Sona Mohapatra and Rituraj Mohanty at police station in Odisha’s Sambalpur. As per the sources, Aswini depicted – “Our complaint is on two counts – first, they did not take permission from the original lyricist and composer and, second, they have distorted the song hurting the feelings of millions of people in western Oridha” – As per the sources. However, if we talk about the track then Rangabati is actually a fusion of Mohapatra and Mohanty which was in the aired on MTV Coke Studio Channel 4 since 5th June 2015 and guess what up till now the track has received more than nine lakh hits on YouTube.

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