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Some Indian dieting myths busted

We often hear things like avoid eating after 8 pm; avoid potatoes & bananas, no coffee & tea! You get these instructions time and again; however, most of these are nothing but the dieting myths. In reality, you will find people getting surrounded by a number of misconceptions about dieting and this is perhaps the reasons why a number of dieters are seen failing to achieve their goal even if you are among the highly motivated. Now, let’s bust some of the dieting  myths pertaining to dieting.

Myth 1 – Low fat = Low calorie

Low fat diet doesn’t often mean low calories diet and hence it doesn’t give you the license to eat anything. If you fill your plate with a number of low fat wafers, you may end up consuming loads of calories that the ones you had one while serving the chips. For making your products low in terms of fat, the manufacturers of starch, sugar and flour are seen adding certain flavour, which simply piles up the calories. So, before you buy any food product, you should check the nutritional label.

Myth 2 – Say no to rice, bananas & potatoes

You need to learn to make a couple of smart options including the foods you find in your diet without actually hampering the calorie count. For instance, eating bananas in the morning will give you a number of things including fibre, vitamin c and potassium to name a few along with getting loads of energy that last long in the day. Eating rice can lead to methionine, which help in mobilizing the fats from your liver. Hence you are supposed to be conscious while consuming the rice in a mindless way. Also, the potatoes are full with nutrients, however, with improper cooking styles, you can lead to health issues. But with it you are able to protect yourself from disease and cardiovascular diseases to a great extent owing to the presence of high Vitamin B6 and high potassium level.

Myth 3 – Late night food can be fattening

Your body weight is the result of what you consume in your entire day and not just at night. This can be true for people who are seen skipping meals during the day and have a binge at night. The moot point is to go to bed only after one hour of having food along with having something really light as you hardly need much of the calories during the night time.

Myth 4 – Avoid having outside food when you are dieting

A majority of fast food are known as unhealthy, but not all of them, and if you consider your options carefully you can certainly including them in the healthy diets. If you are able to avoid high calories toppings including mayonnaise and cheese rather have garlic dip or salsa, it can help you a lot. Consider fresh fruit juice or simply milkshake instead of having the aerated drinks. Lastly, when consuming burgers consider salad based wraps and burgers.

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