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Some Health Myths Everyone Thinks Are True

Just give a though to small actions you take in order to stay healthy. These things you may find healthy but in reality are just the opposite. We do these things on a daily basis; however, these can be fatal provided you check the reality. The following the realities behind some of the common misconceptions people simply feel about the healthy things they do on a regular basis.

Myth 1 : By using any hand sanitizer can prevent spreading of germs

The ordinary soap and water are considered to be among the effective cleaners than the sanitizers. As per the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention, it can be effective to use the hand sanitizers carrying 60 percent of alcohol if you do not find soap around. However, as per the health agency, the use of these gels can reduce the growth of certain bacteria rather than killing them and is not often effective against the fatal viruses. Also, if you check the study carried out by the University of Missouri, there are several of the compounds found in the hand sanitizer that make your skin hundred times absorbent to bisphenol A (synthetic compound seen in canned foods), which can bring in issues like heart problems and cancer risks.

Myth 2 : The protein in wheat called Gluten, makes all bread bad.

As per one of the NGOs of US called Gluten Intolerance Group of North America, the use of gluten can be fatal and the presence of the same in certain food can bring in certain disorders. There are no benefits recorded for using the Gluten. As per reports, less than 1% of US citizens consume gluten without witnessing the symptoms like infertility or bloating as these have celiac disease claims the National Foundation. Hence when it comes to choosing the gluten based food, make sure you check this reality and then go for them.

Myth 3 : Eating at healthy restaurant expedite the weight loss

Whenever you are entering into a restaurant considering it healthy, think again. A healthy restaurant is often a myth. Hence to expect a weight loss going to any restaurant is a myth, which people often tend for ignore. As per reports, the food you order in any restaurant can have an average of 151 calories claims one study carried out by Cornell University.

Wrapping up

Next time when you consider them to be realty watch out for these realities and follow them as directed to lead a fit and healthy life.

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