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Some Crazy things Some Bollywood Celebs Tried to prove their Love

The Bollywood is simply a crazy place. It is crazy because it is among the most covered platform in the world, it has thousands of people attached to it, and the industry has loads of followers to check things happening in the Tinsel Town and many more things. However, amidst love people try out many crazy things unlike others the B Town celebs also try the same to prove their love for their partners. Let’s check some of the crazy things, some B Town of today and yesteryear actors have tried to prove their love for others as under:

Parveen Babi & Mahesh Bhatt

One night when Mahesh Bhatt was seen leaving Parveen Babi behind, she was soon rushed out to follow her man, but she had barely anything on her body. Yes you heard it right, she was stark naked while she rushed out before Mahesh Bhatt.

Raveena Tandon & Akshay Kumar

When Raveen Tandon and Akshay Kumar were dating in their early days, many reports suggest that the two had undergone a secret marriage. However, when they broke off, Akshay Kumar started dating Twinkle Khanna he then asked Raveena Tandon for a divorce.

Saif Ali Khan & Kareena Kapoor

Saifeena is known to have given the perfect relationship goal; it was proved out the best when Saif Ali Khan was seen getting Kareena’s name tattooed over his arm.

Deepika Padukone & Ranbir Kapoor

Though the two are not together but they certainly proved out to be the hottest couple in B Town. Well, while they were dating it was the leggy lass who had got Ranbir Kapoor’s initial on the nape of her neck that was seen just a couple of weeks before the two broke up.

Rekha & Amitabh Bachchan

Their on screen and off screen chemistry was a big hit in the late seventies and the early eighties. However, in the initial days, their relationship was in dark till Rekha was seen wearing a Sindoor for Big B at the wedding of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh.

Kareena Kapoor & Shahid Kapoor

When the two dated together, it was Kareena Kapoor who was seen disciplining herself in her food. As per reports, she turned strict vegetarian while dating with her beau Shahid as he is also the same.

Sushmita Sen & Randeep Hooda

Sushmita Sen had been alleged in relationship with many but her relations with Randeep Hooda are still remembered. Well, when Sushmita was having an affair with Randeep Hooda, she has tried to keep herself from smoking despite being a deadly chain smoker.

Mona Kapoor& Boney Kapoor

Before Sridevi came into picture, Boney Kapoor was happily married to Mona Kapoor. However, when Sridevi was struggling in Mumbai, she was helped by none other than Mona & Boney Kapoor to which she answered by snatching the latter from Mona. In fact, she also lived like sister and brother in his house but later hijacked the man to marry with him.

Dharmendra & Hema Malini

Dharam pa ji was already married when Hema Malini came in his life and the two soon decided to marry. However, his first wife denied the divorce which made Dharam Pa ji and Hema to convert into Islam and marry secretly.

Amisha Patel & Vikram Bhatt

Just after she went Live-in with Vikram Bhatt, she disowned her parents completely in public as they were against her relationship with the filmmaker.

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