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Socha Na Tha… Jaana Na Tha…Yu Hi Aisi Chalegi Zindagi Video Song

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Socha Na Tha… Jaana Na Tha…Yu Hi Aisi Chalegi Zindagi… so after a long time the much awaited music video of Moxx Music got released on this Friday, the 1st of July, sung by an IAS Officer Dr. Hari Om. The shooting is rendered in Kerala. The panoramic view of the ocean and rain makes the video even more beautiful. The wonderful video of the song is even better than it’s already great music. One more imminent thing with Dr. Hari Om showcasing his acting skills is the role of leading lady beautifully portrayed by none other than Nidhi Nautiyal, a famous and much acclaimed name of Television industry. Before this, you must have all seen her work in famous TV serials like ‘Bhakti Me Shakti’, ‘Durga’, ‘Munidhar’ and many more.

Socha Na Tha Zindagi is a story with which today’s common man could easily relate to. The relationship of a husband and wife is of sharing and caring which prospers even more with the love and support of each other but if it lacks the preciousness of time spent together then how it crumbles under all the weight and then rekindles. Well, Raj Mahajan has just tried to give a lovely glimpse of how all this happens with his work. After seeing the video, it can be guessed, how much labour has been put in to make it successful. Although, Dr. Hari Om is an IAS officer by profession, but still possess the mantle and ability of many artists contained inside. The Composer/Managing Director of Moxx Music, Raj Mahajan has done his best to bring out the said artists in his friend. He is the one to encourage Dr. Hari Om to first face the mike and then the camera. Dr. Hari Om and Raj Mahajan together have already entertained the audience in the past as a singer and composer with songs like ‘Yaara Ve’ and ‘Majbooriyan’.

About this Raj Mahajan says, “There is an enigma in Dr. Hari Om’s voice. Till now all the songs you’ve heard in his voice perfectly suited his calibre. He works very deeply and diligently with each of his song. If we talk about the video then even though this is his first outing in front of camera, he still did a pretty wonderful job. Just like expressions are crucial in an audio, same is for the video so that audience can feel the unison. You will also feel how well he has done his job if you look at the video. Nidhi has also done a great job, as such we’ve already seen her acting in famous TV serials. As a whole the video is very appealing to me and I believe our common man will understand this as his own story.”

While on this point, Dr. Hari Om, says, “I really enjoyed my first time acting in a video and could play so well because its concept is very powerful. The song itself was made so much better that I found to play it even beautifully. Raj Mahajan, who is also a brilliant artist and is a good friend of mine. He knows how the skills of an artist work. He gave me such a great compositions which I sang taking quite an interest. His support clearly works for me. The rest, I got to sing and now its video has also come out. I hope it will attract you’re love like previous occassions. All of us did great work on this.”And then Hari Om exclaimed, with a laugh, “This time Raj Mahajan, also made an actor of me!”

Raj told, “In a way this song is kind of my own story. I agree, this song is very close to my life.” Moxx Music has always remained connected to such concepts which make a special place for them in all our lives. It gathers all the colours of life and relays them to you. From music to the video, closely inspecting even the minute details and aspects has become a signature mission of Raj Mahajan and all thanks to that, today Moxx Music has become his identity and he of Moxx Music.

It is notable that Raj has composed music for more than 100 music albums in the last three years and has also hosted a reality TV show by his own name, “Music Masti with Raj Mahajan.” This show was telecast on Disha TV. He also holds the responsibility of being the Managing Director of music company Moxx Music. It is significant to notice that the songs of Moxx Music are heard by more than 5 million people across all the digital stores every month. Raj Mahajan is working in Dollywood (contemporary to Bollywood) and wishes that the exodus of talent from Delhi should be mitigated and artists would be provided opportunities to showcase their talent in Dollywood rather than going out in seek of a breakthrough.

The song isalready released worldwide and is available on iTunes, SoundCloud, Saavn, Gaana, Rhapsody, Spotify, Deezer, Vodafone Music and other leading digital stores


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