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Snoring & Sleep Apnea: Causes and finding the right solutions

Though everyone snores seldom, however, if it becomes a frequent phenomenon, it can simply hamper the quality and quantity of your sleep and your partner’s as well. Snoring can give poor sleep, daytime fatigue, increased health issues and irritability. If your partner is awake owing to your snoring, it can lead to certain vital relationship issues. Don’t, worry, you can find a number of simple solutions, which can give you away from this issue to a great extent. Let’s dig deep into this issue along with finding the right solutions as well.

The Causes Of Sleep Apnea Or Snoring

Finding the right cause can only bring in the best solution for you. People who are seen snoring are often known to have several nasal and throat tissues, which are more prone to vibrate. With changing your tongue position you can control the issue of snoring to some extent and the good thing about it is that regardless of the amount of sleep you have, you can find solutions to make your snore and sleep better. Some of the common causes behind snoring as enlisted below:

1) Age– As you enter in your middle age and move beyond, your throat seems to become narrower and the muscle tone goes on decreasing.

2) You’re Body Built – Men are known to have narrower kind of air passages than women and hence they snore more than the females. With a narrow throat, enlarged adenoids, cleft palate and several other physical attributes simply bring in the problem of snoring, which often tend to become hereditary.

3) Sinus and Nasal Problems – With nasal and sinus problems, the airways inside your body turn narrower than the women and hence are more likely to snore. With a narrow throat, the cleft palate, bigger adenoids and several other physical attributes can simply bring in the problems of snoring.

4) Smoking and Alcohol

If you smoke or consume alcohol a lot along with having certain medications can simply boost up the music relaxation can lead to problems like snoring.

Poor Sleep Posture: With sleeping flat over your back flesh over your throat relax along with blocking the airway causing the snore.

The Solutions

You can find a number of weird anti snoring devices in the market; however, finding the right one can be a daunting task to accomplish. Most of these solutions can keep you awake for long hours, without actually improving upon your sleep and reduce snoring. The solution for snoring would vary from one person to the other, which starts with patience a couple of changes in your lifestyle and willingness to experiment with a number of solutions. First things first, you need to find out the exact cause for the right solution. Your partner can help you enlisting the behavior of snoring to monitor this issue. She will jot down about the trends witnessed in snoring.

Types of Snoring

It is interesting to note that there are different ways of snoring and so is the sleeps. The way you snore would tell why you would snore. The sleeping postures would reveal a lot about the same and finding out why you snore can find a right cure. With closed mouth snoring, you can find problems under your tongue. You can open mouth snoring and find the way it is relevant to your throat. Snoring while you sleep over your back is perhaps the mild snoring, however, improved sleep habits and certain lifestyle changes can bring in effective solutions.

The closed mouth snoring can give the problem within your tongue, while the open mouth snoring can be relevant to tissues inside your throat. Snoring while you sleep over your back can be mild snoring, which can be reduced by certain lifestyle changes that can become effective solutions. Snoring is all about sleeping positions, which simply means you snore in a bad way and thus need a comprehensive kind of treatment.

Self Help Solutions to Stop Snoring

There are several things, which you can do things on your own in order to help stop snoring. There are certain home solutions and lifestyle changes can go for a longer run in terms of resolving this problem.

1) Lose Weight: If you are overweight, you are supposed to lose it, which in turn can help in reducing the fatty tissues over the back of the throat and thus reduce or even stop snoring.

2) Exercise: By carrying out a couple of exercises can help in stopping the issue of snoring. Working out in order to tone up your arms, abs and legs can lead to toning of muscles across your throat, which can bring in the issue of less snoring.

3) Quit Smoking and reduce Alcohol: If you are a smoker, you are likely to snore more as this habit causes a blockage to the blocked by irritating the membranes inside the throat and nose. At the same time avoid alcohol, sedatives and sleeping pills especially before going to bed as they relax the muscles inside the throat and hence mess with your breathing. Consult your doctor regarding the prescription medications, which you are consuming as some would simply encourage a deeper kind of sleep, which can make things bad to worse.

Bed Time Solutions

Similarly by trying a couple of preventive measurements just going to bed can help in reducing the problem to a greater extent, which are enlisted as under:

Clear nasal passages: With Stuffy nose, inhalation becomes difficult and thus creates a vaccum inside your throat that bring in the problem of snoring. You can do this with Neti pot or simply try ideas like nasal decongestants or simply try the nasal strips in order to help you breathe very much easily while sleeping.

Keep your bedroom air moist: This can be done with the help of humidifier as the presence of dry air irritates membranes inside the throat and nose.

Reposition: By increasing your head four inches above can simply ease the breathing process and even help your jaw and tongue more forward. These are basically special designed pillows that are available to help in preventing the snoring by ensuring that your neck muscles are not very much crimped.

Say No to Caffeine and heavy meal: Make sure you avoid having these before going to bed especially the dairy products and soya milk.

Sleep over your side: Better avoid sleeping over your back since gravity makes is more difficult for your and soft tissues to drop down and thus make the airway bad.

Throat Exercises

These can be practiced for around half an hour and is considered to be one of the best ways of reducing snoring. You can do this by simply repeatedly producing a number of vowel sounds and curl the tongue into certain specific ways an add strength to your muscles over the upper respiratory tract, which thereby reduce snoring. Try the following to get the best results:

Repeat each vowel alphabets loudly or for around three minutes at different times in a day.

Place your tongue tip behind your top front teeth followed by sliding your tongue in the backward direction thrice a day.

Now, close your mouth followed by pursing your lips try holding for half a minute

With your mouth open, you need to move your jaw over the right side and hold the same for aroud 30 seconds. Now you need to repeat on left side.

Lastly, with your mouth open, you are required to contract the muscle over the back of your throat for a number of times for around 30 seconds.

Wrapping up

If nothing works, better consult any competent doctor, who can suggest you the right cause and the best solution for the same. The above are some of the best ways to reduce and stop the problem of snoring, however, if these do not work then better take an appointment of a competent doctor, he or she would help you in knowing the best solution.

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