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Snick pic of Sridevi’s Daughter Khushi Kapoor : The Looming Venturous Star in Bollywood

Bollywood – An industry which is hungry for the looming venturous super stars every now n then, in fact we as a continuous watcher of Bollywood news sometimes also feels that, are we getting bored off watching the old stars again n again? Sometimes it does feel like there has to be some sort of uniqueness in the stuff that will at least entertain all of us. No doubt the olden stars will remain intact in our hearts throughout our life but its nothing but a simple statement ‘Ye Dil Mange More’. Hold on guys if you’re really getting rid of same faces then, the news is especially for you!!

So, ladies n gentlemen it’s time to reveal something that will make you glow like never before, check this out the one n only small star who has just taken a step towards the never ending Bollywood industry i.e. the olden gold beloved daughter Khushi Kapoor. Isn’t like the moment you read her name something triggered in your mind? Of course it might be, if you’re a true fan of Sridevi.

Hold your emotions guys as we are yet to reveal the exact stuff for which you’re here.. Guess what the below gorgeous pics that purely fragrance the prettiness from the click and hence the Bollywood fans will surely expect that the little miss Kapoor will surely and soon come up with her brand new movie one day.

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