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Sleeping positions causes the risk of Alzheimer Disease: Study

Sleeping positions causes the risk of Alzheimer Disease
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There may be different reasons for having Alzheimer Disease, however, as per the recent study, your sleep position can raise the risk of Alzheimer Disease among people. As per the same report, the sleep position can enhance the ability of the body in order to reduce Alzheimer causing protein. As per the study carried out by the researcher called Christain Holscher from Lancaster University, a protein known as Amyloid is known to build up the brain with the disease of Alzheimer.  This US based American researcher was seen using certain MRI Scans in order to analyze the complex system, which clear up the waste from the brain.

Also, the analysis showcased that in rats, the clearance mechanism called glymphatic pathway proved out to be more competitive over the lateral position, which is compared to sleeping over the stomach back. The same study also gave certain conclusion about the sleeping positions, which alarmed the risk of this disease among the animals. This was connected with the removal of the above said protein, which resulted the risk of this disease. The sleep position once improved can help in regulating the protein, which in turn can help people to keep a check over the Alzheimer.

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