Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Slaughtering of ‘Bakra’ does not mean Qurbani : Irrfan Khan Grabbed Himself on Controversy

irrfan khan

A glamorous star who’s known for his toughest cum loving attitude, a star for whom the entire B town is crazy like anything, the most loving and entertaining celeb in the Bollywood, the one n only Irrfan Khan.

But you might be thinking why do we have notched him on the controversial run as per the title right? Just have a look on the controversy which has picked up rapid fire on the floor, well it was initiated when he was went for his movie promotion of Madaari and added his striking statements as below..

As per the true sources he added – “The sacrifice on Eid al-Adha means to sacrifice his dearest thing, in addition to this he also added that the sacrifice does not mean that they had sacrificed two goats after buying them from market. He said that if you have nothing to do with the goat, so how it will be called as Sacrifice?” and hence he’s currently rolling all over the B town just because of these statements. Despite the heat for ‘Salman Khan’s’ comment over ‘Rape Women’ is yet to be blown out from the Bollywood, we are yet ready with another controversy!!


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