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Size Zero Telugu Movie Review

size-zero Telugu Tamil Movie review

Size Zero Addresses an important issue but fails to carry a proper plot for the audience

This Friday, you have a couple of Telugu movies to release, which certainly include the one called Size Zero. The name itself indicates the sensitivity of the subject, which deals in with the evergreen fad and the race of losing weight and becoming size zero. The same movie has its Tamil version called Inji Iduppazhagi, which is produced by Prasad V Potuluri featuring Arya and Anushka Shetty in the lead role. Sonal Chauhan, Prakash Raj, Urvasahi and Pavani Gangireddy are seen in the supporting roles. The story and screenplay comes from Kanika Dhillon, while the music is brought forth by M. M. Keeravani. Now, let’s dig in deep into this Telugu & Tamil Romantic Comedy as under:


This film is about Soundharya played by Anushka Shetty who is a obese young girl hailing from middle family. She is in love with Abhi played by Arya and it is a first sight one side love story. She is engaged in a local Chinese fast food centre called Chungkung Express considering her food freak nature. Being a foodie, she gets overwhelming support from Gullapudi Maruthi Rao her grandfather. She has a partner in crime called Jyothi played by Pavani Ganireddy who is aspiring model whom she depends a lot during any bad time. The debate of shedding her obesity within her family compels her to join the Size Zero Slimming Club, which is managed by Satyanad played by Prakash Raaj. This so called suave trainer relies on a number of drugs to burn the fat, which brings in a number of health issues. Unlike any other fairytale, the rest of the film is all about that you can achieve anything provided you have the burning desire for your mission.

Script Analysis

You can find a couple of films with a decent start along with getting certain promising premise of being finding surprising winners. And then at times some appalling events hit the show compelling them to take a nose dive and soon all is lost. A number of earlier films from Kobaribondam and Laddubabu from this director are seen with similar themes. However, this time he has tried to blend the fad issue of obesity and unhealthy diet together putting the slimming club in it. You can find a couple of other issues like unequal marriage, innate message and love without any precise recipe. Unlike it happens in your kitchen, soon you end up getting a tasteless dish with a number of unwanted ingredients. So, when it comes to trying this story, the risk is all yours.

Star Performances

Well talking about the performances, let’s start with Anushka Shetty in the role of Saundarya who is seen in titular character. As always, she has manage to win hearts with her incredible performance. Right from showcasing her plumb shoulder, round cheeks and rounded heinie and swingy pace, she was smart to play the character with understanding every bit of the same. On the other sidem, Arya in the character of Abhi is seen sleepwalking in his character, which is again the case of Sonal Chauhan. Sonal seems to try hard to embark with her unique style of dialogue delivery that bring in laughs in the avatar of an NRI. Among the number of artists, Brahmanandam is seen with no character irrespective of way Pavani Gangireddy is seen making limited impression. On the other side, Urvasi is seen looking very much confident in her small screen presence characters. The cameos by Rana Daggubati, Hansika Motwani, Nagarjuna, Lakshmi Machu, Tamannaah Bhatia, Bobby Simha and Jiiva seemed fine.

Direction, Editing and Other Technical Stuff

The story and content has nothing new or uniqueness. This film is very much different the hit film called Fat Girl of Breillat released in 2001, which discusses about a girl suffering from obesity issue and for which every passing day is hell. Though Anushka was seen superb in this film, however, the credit goes to her only and not to the direction. You can therefore find things too rejuvenated and refreshed though but with a shaky kind of script, the work of director is seen falling at the doldrums. Talking about the technicalities of the film, it seems turning out to be in a big mess making the film lose its quality. To sum up the crux of the film, the editing, cinematography, music and other stuff seemed lacking the intensity, which can make any difference over the silver screen.

Size Zero Last Word

The film has too many issues to deal with, however, it fails to have a proper plot to proceed and thus seems lagging behind in the storytelling skill sets. Therefore the first half is nothing but a big waste of time, while the latter part turns out to be sour. Above all the climax of the film is really depressing, in fact at one glance the kind of impression the film is supposed to make is seen missing. The director simply failed to deliver the final conviction and denunciation. Hence right from the start to the end, you leave the screen without getting an ounce of impact over your persona. Well, no film surpasses the expectations of the critics or audience, but here with SZ, the very idea seems stale making the audience dump and numb.

Rating – 2.5


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