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Single Dose “Trojan Horse” Ebola Vaccine to hit soon

The researchers are finally able to develop a single dose Ebola vaccine, which they call it as Trojan Horse, one of the deadly viruses that has killed thousands on this planet earth. This development has simply paved the way out for the identification and production of safer and single dose of an highly effective vaccine, which can fight the future and current Ebola outbreak.

The team led by Thomas Geisbert from the University of Texas Medical Brach based at Galveston are the people behind developing the Trojan horse. As per reports, more than 10,000 people have been killed last year worldwide from this virus. With this development, the healthcare experts would be able to curb the deadly virus with a single dost vaccine. This new vaccine would use a non harmful virus called Vesicular Stomatitis, which will help in combating the Ebola virus.

The vaccine developed can be safety injected as per the immune response. In order to address the safety concerns of the vaccine, the team has even developed the two next generation candidate vaccine, which comprises of weakened forms of vaccines. Both of these vaccines have been developed via tenfold level virus found in the blood, while both of these would be featuring Mayinga strain over Ebola virus. The vaccine is under evaluation and would be soon seen in the market.



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