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Singer Happy Singh gears up to launch his music in the Southern Asia

Singer Happy Singh
Singer Happy Singh

Harpreet or Happy Singh is an Indian Origin and US-based Singer, rapper, songwriter, and music composer. He was born on 20th December 1990 in LA, California and was raised in this place only. His love for music started early when he came in touch with the Hip-Hop thing, since then it was no looking back for the young boy who with growing age honed his musical skills and worked hard to gain an edge over all the aspects of music. His encounter with Bhangra came at the age of seven and later when he was ten years old, he started learning to play dhol along with double-sided barrel drum, which is usually found in Indian music.

When he was 12, he joined the middle school band and started playing the drums in it. He secured average ratings as was not able to read the music notes. Soon when his parents and teachers felt that he has the knack for music, they started supporting him to develop his talent and enter into this field. When he was grown up guy, he helped his parents to run the family food business but his love for music stayed intact. Soon, he left his family business to focus in music and taking it as his full-time career. He successfully managed to connect Punjabi and American music to attract people. Soon his ability and distinct flair in music attracted the people in the entertainment world and that led him his first break in the world of music. His first formal break came in 2004
Amidst all this, he was introduced to alcohol and he soon started consuming all sorts of drugs and turns the victim of drug abuse and other criminal offenses. Soon he had to face the police station going behind bars too often. At one point of time, he was facing trial for three criminal offenses and was supposed to face ten years of jail but his skilled lawyer was able to reduce the trial to few years that turned to few months allowing him to walk free. It was in 2016, he decided to give up everything like drugs and alcohol and lead a normal and sober life by taking resort to meditation and spirituality.
Talking about his professional life, when he made music his only addiction he kept on moving up and reached to the new heights in the world of music. Initially, we worked with top music companies like Murder Ink Records, Irv Gotti but soon he gave up to do things on his own by writing music on his own by composing unique music. Soon he was approached by his peers like Yo Gotti, Jeremiah and Tyga to name a few to get the music he wanted giving him recognition. Some of his popular musical work includes Nakhra, Give It Now, Give It To Me, and Spazz Out. Some of his upcoming songs include Need Me, Sabrina, Dance For Me, Right Now and so on. He has done several live shows and concerts not just in the US but in Europe as well.
Since he has been the victim of drug abuse, he uses his music and talent to create awareness among the youth community about the dangers of drug abuse. He wants to keep them away from the drugs and lead a sober and simple life with happiness. He also intends to address social issues that remain neglected in society using music to create awareness about them and get addressed as well.


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