Singer Amrit Sagoo Aka ELLEVN Making all waves in Music Industry

Amrit Sagoo aka ELLEVN
Amrit Sagoo aka ELLEVN

There is no dearth to talents when it comes to music world. It has some of the best talents who keep on showcasing the best work and performances on different platforms. One such name is Amrit Singh Sagoo who is more known with name aka ELLEVN. He is an emerging talent all set to steal the show whenever he is seen embarking upon amazing performances. He is a Punjabi by origin but born and brought up in Edmonton, Canada. For him, Music has been his first love and he knew always he would pursue his career in this field only.

He gave up school at a young age and started working in a successful Tech and Media Company just to secure resources that can make him a musician. His is a self-made man when it comes to music. He defied all the challenges of getting rid of the hurdles in his way to pursue his dreams to become a musician. However, he had to work hard and his commitment helped him to embark upon the path to make his dream career. With his live events at Los Angeles and Las Vegas, he was able to get a good exposure in the music and entertainment industry.

In 2014, he was able to embark upon his music company called Young and Brave Music with a partner that was committed to offer the best music coming through an artist-driven platform without getting into the major label gimmick. Since then it was no looking back for him as he collaborated with many global superstars like Dr. Zeus. He did a cultural collaboration with him called Snoop Dogg. Soon he was able to come out with a solo ‘CLOSER’ showcasing Curtis Young, the son hip-hop mogul Dr.Dre. in the year 2019.

He is now on a number of solo performances and soon would come out with his album in 2020. One call Amrit Singh Sagoo AKA ELLEVN an ace musician and has now become a brand in the music world. He holds different tags in his profile. He is a rapper, film producer, Cannabis and businessman as well. Over the years, he with his motivation and determination has carved his niche in the music world and certainly be rocking the world in the coming years.

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