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Singer Abhijeet back in controversy

At the time when nation was performing last rites of People’s President – APJ, people on the other side seemed happy seeing the much awaited decision to hang Yaqum Menon. However, people remained divided over the decision of execution for many logical and legal reasons debated in the media. One such man was Prashant Bhushan a senior lawyer who was seen seeking a say on the execution. This has irked many including in B Town. The singer Abhijeet was the first one to react on this.

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Known for his rude and nasty comments, the singer went on losing his language against the veteran leader and lawyer – Prasant Bhushan. He was seen lashing out the lawyer over Twitter saying that he need an appointment to trash him with his shoes. This tweet has however created much noise over the social media. He further said, he will find some cheap and low quality shoes to thrash this man after his death in the presence of media. He suggested media to be alert to catch up this incident. Similarly, he has tweeted in a rude and nasty way when Salman Khan’s case of hit and run was heard in lower courts in Mumbai.

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