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Singam ( Si 3) Tamil Review

After two previous successful prequels, here comes Singham 3 which was postponed on various occasions owing to controversies. But now the lion is roaring once again with all his might. This time the action in set in the state of Andhra Pradesh and our very own super cop, Duraisingham is there logging horns with the Telugu speaking criminals. Suriya retains his charm and aplomb with which he carries off his super cop image with a phenomenal stature. Suriya does the brilliant act once again with actress Anushka Shetty supporting him tremendously. Another important character is played by Shruti Hasan.

Duraisingham is transferred to Andhra Pradesh to deal the case of the mysterious murder of Police Commissioner which is long pending. As we know of him he uses his authority, his wisdom and his roaring persona to bring the criminals behind the bars. This time too we know that he will emerge the winner but his methods are different in this new sequel. Initially as he is attacked by the opponents at the railway station, he intentionally pretends to be careless about the old murder case. But the inspector is actually planning his tactics under the guise. Shruti Hasan plays a student who befriends him in the guise and almost succeeds in her motives. What ensues later on is the unveiling of many politicians and influential businessmen who are behind the unjust practices in the system resulting in covering up of the facts. The love story of Singham is shown as culminating in marriage. Anushka plays the wife who is still kept away from his cop life to avoid any danger in his work.

A lot was expected from Suriya which he delivers without causing any disappointment to his fans. He has played cop roles many times in his life and the Singham persona has definitely stuck to him now. He leaves no stone unturned in making each action sequence very impactful and powerful. Anuhska Shetty is rising higher with each project. She has once again showed great talent in portraying the simple character without much complexities. Shruti Hassan on the other hand could have given this a better shot. Her character is small but given more importance than perhaps it actually deserved.

Direction by Hari is top notch mainly in the action sequences. Most of the audience must have gone to the theatres expecting great action effects. With the splendid use of technology, the film has great action sequences with real effects.

Music by Harish Jayaraj some what falters on expectations. Background score is good but the songs are mostly mediocre. Cinematography by Priyan is good and upto the mark.

For all Singham fans , Singham 3 is a treat. But for first time viewers also it is a wholesome entertainer that will leave you wanting for another sequel.

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