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How similar is the Badlapur with Ek Villain?

Sidharth-Varun-Ek Villain and Badlapur

Finally the power packed action and thrill movie Badlapur’s teaser is out and you can make out some idea about the movie. However, after having a closer look to the teaser released, the movie takes you back in the memory lane of Ek Villian, which had similar content unlike felt in Badlapur’s teaser. Right from a couple of dialogues, assault weapons, his angry man image to the vengeance saga, there are a couple of similarities, which are worth catching up.  So, at this moment, when the entire B Town is seen doing a Gaga on this recently released teaser, let’s see some of the key reasons how this movie is similar to Ek Villain.

The Angry Young Man Look

If you look the subtle image of Varun Dhawan with a beard on his face, similar is the story with Siddharh Malhotra in his last release hit movie – Ek Villian. Not just the angry man look but even the body language of the two seems very much similar to each other. The brooding demeanour and the bloodshot eyes, everything seemed very much similar in Varun of Badlapur, what the audience have come across in Siddharth in the movie Ek Villain.

The story of Vengeance

The basic plot of the movie Badlapur is revenge, which happened to be seen in Ek Villain. Though the filmmakers are claiming to have more than any revenge story, however, the fact is the very basic story of Badlapur is just the same as witnessed in Ek Villain. Earlier Siddhart was after the man who killed his wife, while in Badlapur, the man in subtle look is after everyone who has killed his family (wife and kid). Indeed, a very much similar plot in these two movies.

The lead characters in negative characters

Varun in Badlapur comes in the main lead, however, as you dig deep, you realise that the good boy has become a bad boy now with a negative character unlike seen in Ek Villain for Siddharth. In Ek Villain, Siddharth was a gangster later turned a good guy, but soon treading the violent route for his revenge, similarly, Varun too has similar negative character.

Screw Driver Vs. Hammer- The assault weapons

From the Badlapur teaser you can find every easily how the bad man of this movie- Varun is seen with a hammer to attack people while playing the character of Raghu in it. Though you could find him very much deadly while seen killing a number of people with his hammer in a cold blood, however, in Ek Villain it was the screw driver, which happens to be the assault tool.  Thus the difference is very much meagre, which only would remind a similarity in the two.

Dialogue and it’s implied meaning

Lastly, if you check the dialogue of Varun DHawan in Badlapur Teaser, that sound very much interesting, however, is very much similar to the what we saw in Ek Villain wherein Sid also was seen saying the same. The dialogues in both the movies seem very much similar, which plainly talked about revenge.

Final word

Though we are not saying the Badlapur is mere a replication of Ek Villain or Varun is trying to ape Siddharth, however, the similarities between the two movies sound alarming. Hope the two movies are different in many ways apart from these similarities, which can prove out superficial otherwise; the copycat act is nothing but a big bad thing to try.

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