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Sidharth venturing in Horror movie, The House Next Door calls it a better co-incidence

House next door movie
House next door movie

Actor Sidharth whose experimenting in the horror genre will be seen in the Bollywood film, The House Next Door releasing this week, got its Censor Certificate on the 13th Oct

Sidharth who is venturing the first time in horror genre is all set to release his film soon in India. He holds different cap for his venture as actor, director and co-producer. In a candid interview with Cine Talkers, he has much to share about his film and the genre. He has much to share about why he has chosen this genre, his experience of spooky incidences, his on-screen space with Atul Kulkarni after 11 years (post Rang De Basanti) and much more.

Let’s see what the actor has to say about his film and other things…

Siddhart The House Next Door
Siddhart The House Next Door

Q: You chose the release date to be 3rd Nov? Was it a co incidence or was it a co-incidence?

A: It is an amazing coincidence. In fact, this is not the only coincidence. I got my censor certification on the 13th. It actually got spooky. Releasing around Halloween day and getting a censor certificate on 13th. It couldn’t get a better coincidence.

Q: Your on-screen appearance with Atul Kulkarni after 11 years(Last seen in rang De Basanti) Don’t you think if you would have made a comeback with rang de Basant 2, it would have a bigger impact?

A: Atul and me are very good friends. He has been with me through out the film like a backbone. Where Rang De Basanti is concerned, I think some films are made and they become great for a reason. I don’t like the idea of a sequel personally. This is an original script and definitely a better idea than rang de Basanti 2 sequel.

Q: With Andrea you did ‘Aval’ also? Is The House Next Door different form that?

A: This is her first Hindi film and she has done a fantastic job. She has been a musician and her versatility is immense.

Q: You have taken inspiration from Japanese and Korean flicks. How would you term it?

A: We’ve grown up watching a lot of horror. We have been watching horror films from 15 years now. We wanted to create an Indian horror film which has a visual and sound treatment but has been inspired from that market. It has an independent voice of his own.

Q: You did a lot research. Was there any incidence where you saw paranormal things or you felt caught? 

A: More of the story comes from reality, so when you see the film you will understand the gesture. It is a very deeply and emotionally disturbing story. The paranormal comes after that. We experienced this because we spent so many years writing this film. I think we both grew every time. I and Milind had gone through lot of descriptions and finally the film is the outcome of our hard work and deep discussions over paranormal things.

In terms of the experiencing part, every week we used to have something or the other happening on the sets. But as a producer, I used to pray ‘aaj kuch nahi hona chahiye’. We were also shooting with a little child, it was very important that she doesn’t get scared and she’s fine. We were extra careful with the child.

Q: Tamil, Telugu is one genre and Bollywood is another? Would the audience accept it?

A: The film is defined by the language it is made for and it happens in Himachal Pradesh so it’s a one of a kind film.

Q: You worked in a lot of genres. What is the difference between Bollywood and South audience? 

A: I don’t think there is any difference between them . If it’s a good film it will work in any language and audience will appreciate it. Horror has no language. People like to scream. In Bollywood, we haven’t seen a pure horror film since a a long time. In this industry, horror is all about sex and comedy. But it is not the case in this film as it is based on a true life incident. And I am very confident this will be a very highly rated film.

Q: Was it a very stressed situation where writing, producing, acting, all was concerned? 

A: I love doing good things. So generally, they say if you do what you love, it’s like going to work even one day in your life it is the same thing. These are things I have been doing for 17 years so it’s not a big thing.

Q: You didn’t play any super elemental part or something? 

A: Well, I am playing a neuro-surgeon the rest of it you have to see in the film. It’s about a girl and what happens to her.

Q: If you would do a chocolaty boy role, would it work better? 

A: I don’t believe in stardom. I believe in good writing and good filming. If it’s a good role the director, writer, will be able to pull it off and I consider myself a pretty decent actor. If the writing is good, it depends on the belief of the director. I have done multiple genres and experience speaks it all.

Q: One word to your film? 


Q: A message for Cine Talkers users?

A: Watch the film, it is one of the best thrillers.

So, what do you think about this experiment in horror genre, do share your views on it and you never know it reaches to the actor. So, keep commenting!


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