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Sidharth Shukla was accused of drunk driving and beating a man, here’s what actually happened to him

Sidharth Shukla is still celebrated everywhere by his fans. His fans are popularly known as Sidhearts, they never leave a chance to show the actor their love and respect. Even though he is no longer with us but his fans have never left a moment to celebrate it. Sidharth gained fans and a name throughout his career. There were also times when he was caught in controversies. A lot of people thought he is rude because of his straightforward nature. He was accused of drinking and driving and fighting with a man. Today we will take a look at the same story.

A few years back, Sid was affected by a debate where a video had gone viral on the internet in which a man charged Sidharth with slapping him. Then reports said that he was drunk and was driving. Sidharth Shukla was known for his angry man behavior. And being a celebrity people believed it to be true.

The truth was exposed later when it was disclosed it was said that Sidharth’s brother-in-law got a pair of people from his office that some bad people were troubling them. So, Sid and his brother-in-law caught the people and gave them to the police. but before the whole truth reached the people the false and misleading articles were all over the internet and made worst for Sidharth’s image.

He said that the internet is so big that some societies have been starving for some juicy news. He said, “It’s really sad that you have gone out to help someone and they make you out to be the wrong one,” Sidharth expressed. The actor said that the portal that shared such information later put out the real truth, but the damage was done. “It leaves a bitter feeling in the heart. But I guess that’s life, so it’s okay,” he added.

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