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Siddharth’s Gift for Alia Bhatt on her Birthday

sidharth's gift to Alis on her Birthday

Recently had her 22nd birthday with her close ones and thus having a great weekend. Sidharth Malhotra, the man in her life seems to have impressed the birthday lady as he knows his job the best. We have been hearing that he has gifted his lady an expensive camera, yet nothing was seen coming out till Alia shared the pictures of the same. Sid very well knows that Alia loves photography and have a couple of cool and latest cameras to click pictures. He then ordered a special and advance level camera from the US store, which will not only help Alia to catch pictures of others but also get a number of selfies without any hassle.

The camera she has from Siddharth is known for the feature of catching selfies the best. On getting this gift, she was extremely happy, which was reflected time and again during her birthday bash get together. Her love for the les simply goes beyond her fashionable statement over the red carpet. In fact, if you remember just recently at one of the award shows, she was seen carrying a cool camera with her. Well, hope to see cool pictures being clicked by this cool camera given by her lovely friend Siddharth on her birthday making it more special.

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